Katja Tonet

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Since my first flight at the age of 11 to Australia I have never stopped travelling. I love speaking all 6 languages I know and listening to people’s life stories. I believe culture, art and philosophy improve our lives.
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Literary coffeehouses and the hidden lives behind them - Trieste

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 minutes long.
Today we will discover the city center of Trieste and its historical cafés wrapped in fascinating life stories. We will admire the architecture of the palazzos and hold our breath while gazing at the landscapes. Poems, classical music and tasty pastries will accompany us all along our walk.

Bariloche, a whole reality to be discovered - Patagonia

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 minutes long.
Tired of concrete, buildings and traffic noise? Come to San Carlos de Bariloche, southern Argentina. I will take you to the top of the Andes, down to the lakes’ abyss and will introduce you to local celebrities. A pinch of history, a drop of legends and a sprinkle of personal touch is what you need to experience this new part of the world.
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