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Tourism is a plagued-by-hazards sector.
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fromyourcouch does not intend to replace your job, but rather act as a supplement to your main income.

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fromyourcouch faq

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What is the format of virtual tours on fromyourcouch? πŸ‘‡

Our virtual tours are pre-recorded. You work on your tour once and it keeps generating revenue on the long term. We don't want you to spend your entire days in front of a screen doing livestreams with the visitors. Every tour is composed of an immersive audio and visual support. We will help you all along the way to build this content.

How does the compensation model work? πŸ‘‡

Visitors pay a monthly fee on fromyourcouch and get unlimited access to the virtual tours. A share of this revenue is allocated to guides. As a guide, you will receive a monthly payment depending on the number of streams generated on your tours. If you join our community, you will get more in depth information about our compensation model. 100% transparency.

I'm not a certified guide, is that a problem? πŸ‘‡

Not at all! As long as you have the desire and motivation to share your passion, that’s more than enough :)

Do I have to physically be where the tour takes place? πŸ‘‡

Nope :) You can live in Australia and do a tour about Morocco. fromyourcouch is 100% online, 100% flexible.

Do I need to invest in equipment? πŸ‘‡

It's recommended, but not mandatory. A good smartphone can be sufficient. The sound can always be retouched afterward. We will advise you on equipment and, depending on your choice, we will help you optimize the quality of your audio.

After joining the community, do I have to ship a tour within a specific amount of time? πŸ‘‡

Most of our guides take 2-3 weeks to create their first tour. After two months, we will reconsider your participation in the project if you didn't build a tour yet.

This crisis won't last forever. What happens afterwards? πŸ‘‡

fromyourcouch's mission is to change the way people visit places. Many simply don't have the opportunity to travel for financial or health reasons. Moreover, an audio can be quite easily reused for a physical visit, especially for people who like to travel alone.

I work at a tourist agency, can I add tours on fromyourcouch? πŸ‘‡

Anyone can add a tour. However, you will have to choose to either highlight the agency or one of the agency's guides (like on a Youtube channel where you can find both personalities and brands).

Is there any contract between guides and fromyourcouch? πŸ‘‡

If you're selected to be a guide on our platform, we will agree on terms & conditions together.

Is the content the guide's intellecutal property? πŸ‘‡

Yes it is. The virtual tour is yours, you can remove it fromyourcouch whenever you want. But we demand exclusivity in the contract meaning that as log as the tour is on fromyourcouch, it isn't anywhere else on the Internet.